Square Womens Vintage Sunglass with Glass Corning USA transition Lens - Ona

Beautiful oversized square vintage 1980s sunglass. This quality sunglass features Corning USA PhotoSun XDF transition glass lenses and stylish drop arm temples. The transition lens automatically reacts to sunlight. On sunny days, the lens darkens into sunglasses. On overcast days, the lens has a light gray tint.                                                                      

New old stock. Never worn. Great condition. 

NOS deadstock
Made in Indonesia

60mm Eye Size
20mm Bridge
145mm Temple/Arm
Width 5 1/2 Inches
Height 2 3/8 Inches

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Fit Guide

Understanding sunglass measurements

The  metric system is the standard measuring system used when measuring sunglasses.  The measurements are always listed in millimeters (mm).  When shopping at the Sunglass Museum you will see a measurement of each style listed in its description in a series of 3 numbers like this 54/18/145.  

The first number is always for the eye size and is measured horizontally from the outside edge to the inside edge of one lens. The second number is always for the distance between the lenses and is the bridge/nose size.  Lastly, the third number always represents the temple or arm length of the sunglasses.