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What Exactly Is “New Old Stock” (Besides an Oxymoron)?

What Exactly Is “New Old Stock” (Besides an Oxymoron)? It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but that hasn’t kept “new old stock” from being one of the most sought-after types of sunglasses we carry. Yes, it’s an oxymoron, but it’s still pretty darn cool — especially for those who are style-savvy. That’s because new old stock (often abbreviated as “NOS”) is de facto vintage. The “old” comes from the fact that this particular style — whether it’s the materials, the design, or both — is no longer made, either because the manufacturer decided to end production or went out of business altogether. The “new” is because, although the sunglasses were made in a bygone era, we’ve only recently...

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Miss USA @ Miami Swim Week and Sunglass Museum

⚡️News Flash ⚡️The Sunglass Museum joined Celebrity Page TV's party for Miami Swim Week 2018, hosted by Miss USA's, Sara Rose Summers.  Watch the clip to find out about our very EXCLUSIVE Miami Swim Week offer and save big time on your next order.      

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InSTYLE magazine + Sunglass Museum

Summer is right around the corner and InSTYLE magazine has a few things to say about it!    InSTYLE's Instant Style spread includes our 'Misfit' tortoiseshell, cat eye sunglass as one of this season "Best Basic Tortoiseshell Sunnie".  More cat eye sunglasses here.  

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